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Beaches for all tastes ... beaches_margarita

If something definitely is and will be the main attraction of the island of Margarita, are undoubtedly its beaches. You can find beaches for all tastes, calm, low swell, strong waves and wings, long and endless or curved shaped cove, popular and crowded or lonely and isolated world of soft white sand. In order to beaches for all tastes. For a better understanding of these natural beauties we have divided into groups and you have the ability to choose which of them would like to spend unforgettable moments:

Ocean beaches: They are located northeast of the island and are open to the predominant swell the north-east trade wind. Among these are: Water, Parguito, El Tirano, El Cardon and Guacuco. They are the most extensive and some like Water and Guacuco are most popular.

Semi-Ocean Beach: Located in the North Island and are open to the storms of the North East but the swell from the north-east is felt in them somewhat attenuated. Among his best examples are: Punta Playa Manzanillo, Guayacan, Puerto Viejo, Puerto Cruz, La Galera, Playa Caribe, El Tunal, The Wall, Juangriego, La Restinga Bay Plata.Sin certainly find one you like.

Caribbean Beaches: Although all are beaches of the Caribbean Sea, are known for being located south of the island sheltered from waves and storms in the North East. In this category one of the most renowned is Punta Arena. Semi-Caribbean Beaches: Located south-east of the island and are relatively sheltered from the storms of the North East but rather open to the swell of the North East. The best examples of this type of beach are: El Yaque, Pampatar, Grape, La Isleta, Concorde and Bella Vista.

These are just some of the most famous and popular beaches that make up the attraction of Margarita but if you can rent a rustic, could sectors bit crowded and full of small beaches and semi-desert feel that they can live an adventure visiting places of little influx of visitors and put your name to any of them ...